John McCain Goes on Today Show to Respond to Trump – Says He Owes POW Heroes an Apology (Video)

When will John McCain apologize to the 20,000 conservative Trump supporters he called a bunch of “crazies”?
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Why is Donald Trump the only one who must apologize for his offensive comments?
Why is it OK for McCain to smear conservative Americans?
Why is it OK for John McCain to attack Americans who oppose amnesty?
Why is it OK for John McCain to attack those who want real border security?

This morning John McCain went on The Today Show to beat up on Donald Trump some more.

“Well a great honor of my life was to serve in a company of heroes. I’m not a hero but those who are my senior ranking officers, people like Bud Day, Congressional Medal of Honor winner, those who inspire us to do things that we otherwise would not do. Those are the people who I think he owes an apology to.”

Via FOX and Friends:

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