*Ugh* Jeb Bush Praises Obama, Touts Common Core During Speech at Urban League

In December Rush Limbaugh announced the perfect moderate team.
Rush explained how there is no differences between Republican “moderates” and Progressives in today’s political world.

Thus, Rush suggested the ABSOLUTE PERFECT PRESIDENTIAL TICKET FOR 2016… a “moderate” Republican wet dream.
Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton
hillary jeb 2016

On Friday Jeb Bush praised Barack Obama and touted Common Core in his speech at the Urban League.


The Hill reported:

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, a GOP presidential candidate, cited President Obama during a pitch to black advocates Friday, shrugging off an attack from his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton moments earlier.

Bush said that Obama was “speaking the truth” after a shooting at a historic black church in Charleston, S.C., in June, when he said, “For too long we’ve been blind to the way past injustices continue to shape the present.”

“But we should be just as candid about our failures in addressing the injustices of a more recent origin,” Bush said at the National Urban League’s annual conference in Fort Lauderdale.

“In our cities, we’ve got so many people who have never known anything but poverty, so many young adults with no vision of a life beyond the life they know,” Bush said.

Bush took to the stage and said he was “pleased to see” Clinton and other candidates speaking at the event shortly after the Democratic presidential frontrunner ripped into his “right to rise” message. (Right to Rise, the name of the leading super-PAC backing Bush’s candidacy, just reported raising more than $103 million for the first half of the year.)

“People can’t rise if they can’t afford healthcare, they can’t rise if the minimum wage is too low to live on, they can’t rise if their governor makes it harder for them to get a college education and you can’t seriously talk about the right to rise and support laws that deny the right to vote,” Clinton said.

Bush stuck to his script, touting his economic goals and education reforms during his term as governor and pitching the largely African-American audience on reestablishing trust “in our vital institutions.”

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