It’s Working!… Health Insurers Ask for 54% Premium Increase to Pay for Obamacare Mess

Remember this BS?
Three weeks ago Barack Obama told a crowd “Obamacare is working.”

Of course, the liberal media never fact-checked his statements.
They never fact-check this leftist clown.

Now this…
Health insurers are seeking up to a 54% increase in premiums to pay for the Obamacare mess.

Newsmax reported:


Americans covered under Obamacare are turning out to be sicker than expected, and health insurance companies are calling for dramatic rate increases — as much as 54 percent — to help meet the costs.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield, the market leaders in most states, wants to drive up rates by 54 percent in Minnesota, 36 percent in Tennessee, and 31 percent in Oklahoma, just a few of the states where documents filed online show higher rates are being sought, reports The New York Times.

Heath and Human Services Secretary Sylvia Mathews Burwell told The Times that subsidies will help soften the blow of the rate increases, as 85 percent of the people who obtain coverage through federal and state marketplaces use tax credits to help pay premiums.

She also urged customers to try to find less expensive plans during the upcoming open enrollment period, which will start in November, as there is “a marketplace where there is competition, and people can shop for the plan that best meets their needs in terms of quality and price.”

In Oregon, Insurance Commissioner Laura Cali has already approved the rate increases for 2016, with Moda Health Plan, the largest insurer, to be allowed to raise their premiums by 25 percent and the next largest, LifeWise, has received a 33 percent increase.

85% of the enrollees for Obamacare receive a subsidy.
That means the rest of us have to pay for it.
It’s called liberal math.

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