It Begins… Outraged Flea Market Shopper Calls Cops Over Confederate Memorabilia

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An outraged flea market shopper in Connecticut called the police after spotting Confederate and Nazi memorabilia at a local flea market. The items were deeply offensive.
News 8 reported:

Over the weekend, Wallingford police were dispatched after someone called them to say there was a merchant selling Nazi and Confederate memorabilia at flea market, which some had found deeply offensive. The police chief says no one was arrested because no laws were broken; the items were being sold on private property.

It’s not clear if the items that were being sold were authentic, but they’re easy to find in Connecticut. Military Specialties, Inc. in Newington sells a variety of historical military objects, including those produced by the Third Reich and Confederate reproductions.

“It’s here and you’re likely to see it,” said co-owner William Moore. “If you want, we’ll talk to you about it and give you the history about it.”

The complainant told police he was physically shaking and almost vomiting.
My Record Journal reported:

The complainant, a town resident, feared possible backlash and asked to remain anonymous. He told the Record-Journal that in addition to several showcases there was Nazi merchandise, including German helmets with swastikas, images of Hitler, and Jewish stars of David, in a truck.

“I was shaking and almost vomiting,” he said. “I had to run. My grandmother had numbers,” he said, referring to the Nazi system of tattooing numbers on prisoners.

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