ISIS Hurls Two More Gays from Rooftop in Palmyra – Then Stone Them Dead

ISIS hurled two more gay men from Caliphate rooftops – This time in Palmyra.

The men were stoned when they hit the ground.

ISIS fighters read their charges to the crowd.
isis gays 2

They they blindfolded the men and tossed them off the roof.
isis gays

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Earlier this month ISIS hurled four gays off a building in Fallujah.

PICTURED, ISIS Thrown 4 men to Death in Fallujah Accused of being Alleged "Homosexual"

PICTURED, ISIS Thrown 4 men to Death in Fallujah Accused of being Alleged “Homosexual”

ISIS murdered four more gays in Fallujah.
The terrorists tossed the gays off the top of a four story building.
Al-Alam reported:

The terrorist group has previously carried out the sickening punishment in their de-facto capital, Raqqa, in Syria. Now the inhumane death sentence has been used in the Iraqi city of Fallujah.

The gruesome propaganda photos appear to be an attempt by the depraved militant group to reinforce its rule of fear, Mail Online reports.

isis gays fallujah 2

isis gays fallujah 3

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