ISIS Rounds Up Mothers and Children and Burns Them Alive in Caliphate

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ISIS fighters rounded up mothers and children and burned them alive after the women refused to allow their children to join the Islamic State.
The Daily Mail reported:

ISIS have reportedly executed five mothers and their children after the women refused to allow their children to become child soldiers in the ranks of the jihadi group.

The victims are all believed to be from the Sunni Albu Nimr tribe, well known for their long time resistance in fighting against Al Qaeda and ISIS in the Iraqi province of Anbar.

The claim was described in graphic detail by tribal leader Sheikh Naim al-Kaoud, who said that the women and children were rounded up by ISIS gangs and set on fire in the streets.

According to the London based Saudi newspaper Sharq al-Awsat, the tribal leader told how the women had resisted the militants demands for them to release their children and join ISIS.

The barbaric punishment was carried out in the neighbourhood of Al-Jamiya, inside the ISIS held city of Heet.

The Albu Nimr tribe have been waging a longstanding war against jihadi militants, dating back to the start of 2007 when Al-Qaeda fighters attempts to secure territory in the province.

Human rights activists believe as many as 600-700 Albu Nimr tribesmen have been murdered by ISIS militants in retaliation for their continued resistance last summer.

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