ISIS Captors Beat One Year-Old Until Yazidi Mother Agreed to Sexual Demands

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A Yazidi woman told reporters after her escape from the Islamic State that her captors beat her one year-old son until she met their sexual demands.
The Christian Post reported:

Two young Yazidi women have described the unimaginable cruelty and horrific rapes they endured while under the control of their ISIS captors, one of whom reportedly beat a woman’s 1-year-old child in front of her until all of his sexual demands were met.

Reehan, 19, and Barfo, 25, last names not included to protect their identities, told their stories to the British MailOnline. Raheen, married with a young son, was abducted from her home in Northwestern Iraq. She was auctioned off to a 50-year-old fighter whom she was able to fend off at first until the man started beating her 1-year-old son. She then said she was forced to give in to all of his demands to save the life of her son.

“I agreed to everything that this man wanted for the sake of my son,” she declared. Reehan was subsequently locked up in the man’s home for the next 10 months. She further explained that she tried to stop the repeated rapes by appealing to her captor’s Islamic beliefs, but he said the sex trade among Yazidi women is permitted “according to Islam.”

Reehan was sold into sexual slavery multiple times, all while being raped and beaten, but refused to commit suicide in fear of what might happen to her young son. She said she had to risk her life to flee her final captive once she saw a mother and daughter being raped together. She fled to another house in Syria, sought help, and a $15,000 ransom was paid by her mother with the help of charities that raised some of the funds demanded by the Syrian man who offered to help her escape for a fee.

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