Illegal Immigration Activist to Host MTV Documentary Called ‘White People’

Jose Vargas

(Image: YouTube)

An illegal immigration activist named Jose Vargas, who happens to be an illegal immigrant himself, will host a new documentary for MTV called ‘White People’ which aims to explore the issue of white privilege.

MTV, which used to show music videos, has apparently joined the social justice cause with Rolling Stone magazine which used to write music reviews before they began publishing false rape stories.


Here’s how MTV is promoting the program:

Watch The ‘White People’ Cast Get Real About Race In This New Trailer

Working on the new MTV documentary “White People” has sent Pulitzer Prize-winning filmmaker and journalist Jose Antonio Vargas all over the United States. In his travels, he teamed up with 5 young people to dig deeper into what it really means to be white in our country and why it matters.

In the newest trailer, you meet the cast of young people who appear in the film — and they bare it all. Sharing thoughts, feelings and personal stories about their race, they help Vargas further explore ideas like white privilege, affirmative action and racial identity: All with the goal of starting some real and honest conversations in a thoughtful, judgment-free environment.

You can watch the trailer below.

It’s worth noting that if you substituted the word ‘white’ for any other segment of the American public, MTV would probably have a lawsuit on its hands. How is this not racist?

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