Hipster Celebs, Valerie Plame and Queen Noor Appear in Profanity-Laced Pro-Iran Nuclear Deal Video

Jordan’s Queen Noor, celebrity spy Valerie Plame, former Ambassador Thomas Pickering, actors Morgan Freeman, Jack Black, Natasha Lyonne, and Farshad Farahat all appear in a foul-mouthed video designed to scare Americans to death so they will support President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The video was released Tuesday as part of a campaign to pressure Congress to support the deal.

Global Zero Iran Celebes the Wrap Twitter
Jack Black, Natasha Lyonne and Morgan Freeman from Global Zero video, image The Wrap via Twitter.


Global Zero, the group that produced the video promoted it on YouTube with a profane message.

“The agreement on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build a f*#@ing bomb. Call Congress and tell them to support the Iran deal: (877) 630-4032.”

Global Zero was founded with the goal of the elimination of all nuclear weapons in the world.

The actors trade lines that threaten gruesome deaths from a nuclear war with Iran or, more likely as the ‘experts’ Noor, Pickering and Plame say, a prolonged war with Iran that takes many lives if Congress “sabotages” the nuclear deal.

“Dude, we’d be dead.”

“Like totally fried by a major nuclear bomb dead.”

“We will be melted.”

“Or worse, toasted..”

“…a really dark unpleasant cloud of death toast.”

Queen Noor is introduced by Jack Black with profanity.

“Holy $#!&, is that…”

“Instead of a quick toasting type of death, that in a war with Iran maybe a lot of people would die much more slowly like like if they were put in to say an immense crock pot for a really, really long time.”

Morgan Freeman sets up Queen Noor’s second appearance n the film with the f-bomb.

“…the agreement currently on the table is the best way to ensure Iran doesn’t build a f***ing bomb.”

Freeman returns to swear again.

“And $#!&, we’ve got a deal on the table that keeps us all safe.”

The 3:02 video closes with Black singing the hook from Sting’s Reagan era song ‘The Russian’s changed to ‘The Iranians.’

“And believe me when I say to you, I hope the Iranians love their children too.”

Black apparently isn’t hip to another part of 1980s history: The Iranians sending tens of thousands of their children to slaughter as ‘human wave’ attackers in the Iran-Iraq war.

From the Christian Science Monitor, October 28, 1987.

“There can be little doubt that Iran has used adolescents and children in human-wave attacks on heavily fortified Iraqi positions, and especially for mine clearing in advance of regular Iranian infantry attacks. Many children have fallen to Iraqi gunfire or been blown up by mines they have been sent in to clear.

“Conservative estimates suggest that at least 50,000 Iranian children, mainly between the ages of 12 and 15, have been killed while being used as combat soldiers in the war.

“Iraq claims that it is holding about 800 Iranian adolescents, aged 14 to 17, captured in battle. Some are said to have been held by Iraq for up to three years as prisoners of war. Iraqi officers claim that on occasion they have captured Iranian “soldiers” as young as eight years old.

“All this is chronicled in a new report by the Center on War and the Child, a nonprofit, non-government Arkansas foundation monitoring child abuse in war.”

What a bunch of celebrity dopes.

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