Hezbollah Child-Killer Samir Kuntar Blown Up in Israeli Airstrike …Update: Maybe Not

Hezbollah terrorist Samir Kuntar, famous for crushing the skull of a 4 year-old Israeli girl, was honored by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in 2009 in Tehran.

Kuntar was released from prison that year in exchange for the remains of two kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldiers.

Kuntar holds his trophy next to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at the ceremony today. (ISNA)

Kuntar called for the destruction of Israel at the martyr’s ceremony in Tehran where he was honored by the Iranian regime.
kuntar killer baby


Today Kuntar was killed in a Syria airstrike by Israeli forces.
Arutz Sheva reported:

Reports are coming out that Israel targeted and killed the notorious child murderer Samir Kuntar today (Wednesday).

According to the British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the Israel Air Force struck a vehicle carrying five fighters loyal to dictator Bashar al-Assad. Three of the passengers were from the Syrian People’s Committees, while Kuntar and the fifth person belonged to Lebanese terror group Hezbollah.

Kuntar was born in Lebanon to a Druze family. In 1978 he and three other terrorists from the now-defunct Palestine Liberation Front (PLF) snuck into Israel by boat and attempted to kidnap the Haran family from their home in Nahariya. The wife managed to hide in a crawlspace with the two-year-old daughter, but the husband and four-year-old were taken.

Kuntar and his associates took their hostages to the nearby beach, where Israeli soldiers and police officers encountered them. According to the official account, Kuntar shot the father in the back, then beat the daughter to death.

Back at the house, the wife accidentally smothered the younger daughter to death while trying to prevent her from crying out and giving away their hiding spot.

UPDATE: Kuntar was also reportedly killed in an Israeli strike in Syria in December.

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