Red Francis Calls Capitalism “Dung of the Devil” …Here Is The Truth

God, please save your Church from this ignorant lunatic.
Red Francis blasted global capitalism in his speeches this week in Latin America.

The Communist pope called capitalism the “dung of the devil.”
red francis south america

The Communist in the Vatican is the one pushing the devil’s dung.
Capitalism has lifted 500 million dirt poor human beings out of poverty in the last 20 years!

** In the last 20 years capitalism has lifted half a billion people out of poverty.
** In China capitalism has lifted 680 million people from poverty.
** Extreme poverty in China has gone from 84 percent in 1984 to less than 10 percent today.
** Hunger in India shrank by 90 percent after the country replace Socialist policies with capitalism.
** The West has produced the most prosperous and generous societies on Earth thanks to capitalism.
-Via National Review

This crazy Pope has it all wrong.
The New York Times reported:

His speeches can blend biblical fury with apocalyptic doom. Pope Francis does not just criticize the excesses of global capitalism. He compares them to the “dung of the devil.” He does not simply argue that systemic “greed for money” is a bad thing. He calls it a “subtle dictatorship” that “condemns and enslaves men and women.”

Having returned to his native Latin America, Francis has renewed his left-leaning critiques on the inequalities of capitalism, describing it as an underlying cause of global injustice, and a prime cause of climate change. Francis escalated that line last week when he made a historic apology for the crimes of the Roman Catholic Church during the period of Spanish colonialism — even as he called for a global movement against a “new colonialism” rooted in an inequitable economic order.

The Argentine pope seemed to be asking for a social revolution.

“This is not theology as usual; this is him shouting from the mountaintop,” said Stephen F. Schneck, the director of the Institute for Policy Research and Catholic studies at Catholic University of America in Washington.

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