Former AZ Governor Jan Brewer: Trump’s Telling It Like It Is (VIDEO)

Last week former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer defended Donald Trump on FOX Business network:

“Well, when I heard it, I thought that what he was saying that along with all the immigrants coming across into the United States that some of them are criminals. And that’s a fact.”

In 2010 Governor Brewer and the state of Arizona were sued by the Obama administration for cracking down on illegal immigration.

On Wednesday night the former governor once again defended Donald Trump. reported:

2016 Presidential candidate and business mogul Donald Trump is “telling it like it really, truly is,” former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer told CNN’s Don Lemon, despite on-going attacks on Trump for comments he has made on immigration.

“You know, being the governor of [Arizona], the gateway of illegal immigration for six years, we had to deal with a lot of things,” Brewer said according to CNS News. Brewer spoke of the barrage of drug cartels and smugglers contributing to the violence along the U.S. southern border in Arizona, but pointed out that it’s not just an Arizona problem. She noted that that contingent coming up through that region move on to other states throughout the nation. That makes it a national problem.

Trump has not backed down from comments on drug and crime issues surrounding illegal immigration since he announced his candidacy. Since then Americans have seen the horrific shooting death of Kathryn Steinle allegedly, at the hands of a five times deported, seven time convicted felon.

The real estate billionaire repeatedly states that as President he would secure the border. He told Anderson Cooper in a Wednesday interview that after securing the border, he would kick out the criminals before turning to consider the remaining illegal aliens.

Brewer told Lemon in their interview, “we have to find a solution, and that solution is getting our border secured so we can deal with the other issues.” She charged that people coming into the country illegally include those who are coming for criminal reasons. “And they let them go and they let them go and they let them go and deport them, and then they come right back and commit other crimes.”

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