Flashback: Obama Told Baby Organ Harvester Planned Parenthood “God Bless You” (VIDEO)

In April 2013 Barack Obama addressed the abortion group Planned Parenthood.
The president told the audience, God Bless Planned Parenthood… We got to spread the word.”

On Tuesday video was released showing Top Planned Parenthood abortion Director Dr. Deborah Nucatola was caught on tape describing how the organization sells baby organs.

Life News released the video today.


Even worse…
Dr. Nucatola was munching on a salad as she described the barbaric practice.

Dr. Nucatola (over salad): “I don’t know that they’re doing with it. I guess they want muscle.”
nucatola muscle
Dr. Deborah Nucatola: “Maybe they want muscle… A lot of people want liver.”

Later Tuesday Planned Parenthood admitted they get $30 to $100 for each aborted baby body part.

“Prices to body part specimen would likely range from 30 to 100 dollars.”

Via Special Report:

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