Feminist Theater Show Features Masturbatory Miming, Primal Shrieking

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 8.52.16 PMNo, this is not satire. Belgian theater group Ontroerend Goed presents a show called “Sirens”, featuring 6 women on stage who are supposedly acting out feminist related things. The show features zoo-like shrieking, bad jokes, chant-singing like a short bus version of the Medieval Baebes, and some sort of mimed out male masturbation scene(?).

At first one can think that this was some sort of hoax perpetrated by YouTuber NateMakesVids, as that’s where the, *ahem*, “highlight” video is posted. But upon deeper investigation, this is a real thing, with real reviews from such sources as The Guardian and a full video of the entire “performance” on an artsy Vimeo channel.

Ladies and gentleman, presenting the modern day progressive leftist, cultural marxist version of “feminism”:


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