Photos: Eight Foot Satan Statue Unveiled in Detroit – Will Be Moved to OK or Arkansas State Capitol

The Satanic Temple held the “largest public Satanic ceremony in history” last night in Detroit.
satan party
The attendees were told to dress like an animal or wear horns and tails.

satan statue
The satanic group unveiled an 8 foot statue of Satan with children at the event.

Detroit police stood guard at the event to protect the rights of all those involved.

ABC 7 reported:

Hundreds of people came out to celebrate the Satanic Temple’s unveiling of a much talked about statue Saturday night.

The 9-foot bronze statue features a goat-headed Satan and was first planned to be unveiled at Bert’s Warehouse in Detroit. The restaurant backed out after patrons started to complain. The new location wasn’t disclosed until Saturday.

James Sugrue and his friend drove from Rochester, New York, adorned with fake horns on their heads.

“It said dress like an animal, or wear horns and tails,” he described the invitation.

Each guest paid at least $25 for a ticket to the exclusive, private event. Security inside was tight. No cameras or media were allowed and guests were not allowed to take their own photographs.

Several protesters remained outside the building on Grand River Ave. as people waited to get in.

Michael Voris, who is a member of the Catholic church and runs a Catholic website, brought with him a statue of St. Michael to make his own statement.

The 8-foot statue is heading to the Oklahoma or Arkansas state capitol.
Tulsa World reported:

The Satanic Temple on Saturday will unveil its Baphomet monument in Detroit in hope it will find a home at the Capitol in Oklahoma or Arkansas.

The action comes after the Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled in June that a privately funded Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma Capitol violated the state constitution and must be removed.
Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt has asked the Oklahoma Supreme Court to revisit its decision, putting it on hold pending the outcome.

The bronze goat-headed statue weighs more than a ton and is nearly 9 feet tall, Satanic Temple co-founder and spokesman Lucien Greaves said Wednesday. Greaves is also known as Doug Mesner.
The monument cost about $100,000 and will be unveiled at a yet-to-be disclosed location in Detroit, he said.

Greaves said that if the Ten Commandments monument is allowed to stay at the Oklahoma Capitol, he will renew the request for the Baphomet monument to be installed.

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