Donald Trump Slams Obama After Chattanooga Attack: Refuses to Say Islamic Terrorism and Nobody Knows Why (VIDEO)

trump obama chattanooga

Donald Trump took time out from campaigning in New Hampshire to talk with Bill O’Reilly about the Islamic terrorist attack today in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Four Marines were killed by an Islamist killer
The Donald slammed Obama and his silly word games.

Bill O’Reilly: What about the backlash against Muslims? Do you think that will happen?

Donald Trump: Well at some point it’s probably going to happen. The term Islamic terrorism, which the president refuses to use even though there seems to be quite a bit of it, if you look around the world, certainly it’s there. It seems so sad that a whole group of people have to be blamed but it does seem to be happening a lot Bill. And whether it’s here or another country, it certainly is there. There is a form of Islamic terrorism. President Obama refuses to use the term and nobody can quite understand why.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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