Donald Trump on Dana Loesch Show: Veterans Administration Is Corrupt and a Big, Fat Scandal (AUDIO)

Donald Trump joined Dana Loesch today on her nationally syndicated radio show.

** The entire interview is posted here.

donald trump

Donald Trump: We had 15,000 people in Arizona. And John McCain said they were all crazies. And you know why he called them crazies? Because they want to stop illegal immigration… And that was totally an issue that wouldn’t have been brought up except for me. And it ended up that I ended up on the right side of that issue even before I took tremendous abuse for a week… Vets are being treated like third class citizens. We are treating illegals better than we are treating the vets practically. Vets are telling me stories where they are waiting in rooms for five or six days before they are seeing a doctor. And after five or six days the doctor would go on vacation. And you know the Veterans Administration is corrupt and is a big fat scandal. And, John McCain has been sitting there forever. And, he’s essentially in charge and he should be in charge and he’s done nothing. And, I haven’t been happy with him about that. Plus I raised him a lot of money when he ran for president. He lost.

Listen to the rest here.


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