DONALD TRUMP: My Poll Numbers Will Go Higher – People Agree With Me on Border (VIDEO)

American businessman Donald Trump went on with Howie Kurtz on Media Buzz Sunday.

trump poll

Trump told Kurtz that his poll numbers will continue to climb because Americans know he is right about the mess at the border.

I believe in punching back. You know I don’t think they’ve treated me fairly. A while ago they said he’s never going to run, he’s never going to run. Then I ran. Then they said, ‘He’s never going to file his papers.” Then I filed my papers. Now they don’t know what to say. Now, all of the sudden, I get these really big poll numbers. And, they’re really good. Although, I think they’re going to go higher because I really think people agree with what I say about the border and just agree with me, period.

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