Donald Trump: Mexican Government Pushed San Francisco Illegal Killer Back into US (VIDEO)

American business mogul Donald Trump blamed the Mexican government for the shooting of Kathryn Steinle in San Francisco. Trump said the Mexican government sent illegal criminal Francisco Sanchez back into the United States.

Why are they coming at me? Because I’m against illegal immigration. I speak up for the country. It’s very simple, illegal immigration, I’m totally against it. You see what happened in San Francisco with that beautiful young woman who was shot standing with her father by a man who shouldn’t have been here. We threw him out five times. Mexico sends him back in. In my opinion the Mexican government sent him back in. They force many criminals back into our country. And, that’s what I’ve been talking about.

Via On the Record:

In July 2014 Governor Rick Perry (R-TX) said illegals were behind 3,000 homicides and 8,000 sexual assaults in Texas alone since 2008.

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