Democrats Suddenly Worried About Their Party’s Shift to the Far Left

Democrats should be concerned. When you’re standing on the far left, even the center looks too conservative.

Politico reports:

Red-state Democrats fret about leftward shift

Governor’s races in South and Midwest could be lost if party brand becomes too liberal.

Centrist Democrats were wiped out in the 2014 elections and in their absence emerged a resurgent liberal movement, embodied most recently by the surprisingly competitive presidential campaign of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

But the suddenly ascendant left — its populist overtones becoming part of the mainstream Democratic pitch — is worrying Democrats who want to compete on Republican-leaning turf. The party lost every competitive gubernatorial and Senate race in the South last year. And Democrats didn’t fare much better in the heartland.

Now, as Bernie Sanders’ surge foreshadows a new burst of progressivism, moderate Democrats are looking to their counterparts in Washington with a plea: Don’t freeze us out.

Let’s not forget that this is the party which booed God and Israel at their last national convention and is now defending the harvesting of organs from unborn babies.

The communist Occupy movement was embraced by many Democrats and progressive favorite Elizabeth Warren claimed to be its intellectual founder.

Suggesting that Democrats have drifted to the far left is an understatement.

They’re openly anti-American.

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