Democrat O’Malley Apologizes for Saying “ALL LIVES MATTER” at #Netroots Convention (VIDEO)

Here’s another look at the insanity of today’s Democratic Party…
All hell broke loose at the progressive Netroots Nation conference this weekend. Activists for #BlackLivesMatter basically staged a mutiny and took over the stage.
black lives mob

Democratic Party presidential candidates Bernie Sanders and Martin O’Malley were heckled as they tried to speak.

O’Malley was eventually booed off stage after saying “all lives matter.”
Because, according to the leftist mob, all lives do not matter!


The activists told the leftist crowd after the took the stage:

“It’s not like we want to shut the sh*t down. But we have to.”

They booed the former governor throughout his speech!

Today Governor O’Malley apologized for saying “all lives matter” at the Netroots convention.

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