DEADLY GUNFIGHT Breaks Out Over Bacha Baazi Dancing Boys – 2 Dead

A deadly gunfight broke out at an Afghan wedding over a Bacha Baazi dancing boy.
At least one dancing boy was shot dead during the clash.

Bacha Bazi is an ancient Afghan practice where tribal leaders and powerful men dress boys in women’s clothes and train them to sing and dance for the entertainment of themselves and their friend.
dancing boy
Dancing boys of Afghanistan

The practice is popular in Afghanistan and Pakistan. reported, via Religion of Peace:

A deadly gun battle in a wedding in northern Baghlan province of Afghanistan was likely triggered due to verbal clash over Bacha Baazi, local officials said.

The provincial governor Sultan Mohammad Ebadi said preliminary reports indicate that irresponsible armed individuals started an argument over a young boy which led to gun battle between the two groups.

Ebadi further added that the young boy was also killed during the gun battle between the two sides along with 20 others.

The provincial police chief Abdul Jabar Pardeli confirmed that irresponsible armed individuals were involved in the deadly clash.

In the meantime, Ebadi said an investigation has been launched regarding the deadly incident further details will be released once the investigations have been completed.

Ebadi had earlier confirmed that two young boys aged below 18 years were among those killed during the clash.

This comes as the Independent Human Rights Commission of Afghanistan (AIHRC) released its report on ‘Bacha Bazi’ – sexual abuse of teenage boys in Afghanistan last year.

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