Cincinnati Cop Speaks Out Over Racial Violence in City

Kyle Strunk Twitter Profile
Officer Kyle Strunk, Twitter profile photo.

Cincinnati police officer Kyle Strunk took to Twitter on Sunday to speak out on a race riot the night before at Fountain Square where police were attacked and a white man savagely attacked by a mob of young Black people attending a free hip hop and electronica Fourth of July concert.

Strunk decried city, police and African-American leaders for creating a volatile situation where criminals do not fear police while police are told not to aggressively enforce the law.


Strunk said he would not feel safe bring his family to Fountain Square.

Two officers were wounded by a mob that was throwing fireworks, rocks, bottles and punches at officers.

A white man was reportedly attacked by a horde of about forty young Black people and had to be rescued by police.

Seven people were arrested, including three juveniles.

Strunk has spoken out on police matters before in a letter to the editor published last December in the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Strunk, who is white, was featured in reports about the rescue of a six-year-old Black girl who was being mauled by two pitbulls.

Strunk spoke to WXIX-TV in May about policing in Cincinnati. The station reported his territory is the most active for police calls in the city.

Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

Strunk’s Twitter comments in order:

“Bobby Hilton excuses behavior of teens assaulting Fairfield cops,wonder will he do the same w the teens who assaulted Cincy cops last night?”

“I am not proud of what I’m seeing in my city..cops attacked on fountain square, multiple shootings again today.But no aggressive policing,ok”

Prayers to a 6yo girl shot few hours ago, in critical condition…my God when can we start to b honest about the problems. This is sick..:”

I hope last nights events downtown showed our city the mentality we cops r dealing w out there.Cops punched, hit w one complying”

Any African American leaders hold a press conference today in Cincy to denounce the actions on fountain square last night? Hello? Anyone???”

My family will not be going to fountain square in the very city I protect until i feel like we are doing enough to prevent this nonsense!!!”

So cops removing kids from a pool gets national outrage and media attn,but a white man beaten by African Americans in heart of city,nothing?”

Sure would be nice to hear our police leaders show a little anger about what happened last night, stop w the professional BS!! My goodness!!”

Just this past June Cincinnati police officer Sonny Kim was killed in an ambush.

Cincinnati will be hosting Major League Baseball’s All Star Game a week from Tuesday.

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