Casper Man Charged with Battery After Driving Off With Cops Hanging on Car

derrick young car cops
Derrick Young

A Casper man was arrested and charged with battery after driving away from a police stop with the police hanging on the side of the car.
The Casper Star-Tribune reported:

A Casper man is facing charges after allegedly driving away while two police officers were attempting to arrest him, causing both officers to jump onto the car, according to a police report.

One officer suffered minor abrasions. The other was uninjured.

Derrick Young, 25, is charged with two counts of interference and two counts of battery.

Young allegedly drove away while two police officers were attempting to remove him from his car during an arrest. Both officers had to jump onto the car and reportedly feared for their lives while Young drove erratically.

An officer originally pulled Young over near Overland Trail and F Street for not having visible registration, according to the report. The officer ran Young’s name and learned he had an outstanding arrest warrant. The report did not state what the warrant was for.

The officer called someone to assist him in arresting Young. When asked to get out of his car, Young refused. One of the officers reached into the car to grab Young’s arm and Young allegedly placed the car into drive.

One of the officers said he jumped off the car as it headed toward several parked vehicles, according to the report. The other officer jumped onto Young and attempted to place the car in park.

The officer succeeded, but Young quickly put the car into drive again. Eventually the officer was able to park the car and subdue Young.

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