Cardinal Wuerl: Same-Sex Marriage “Is The Law Of The Land; We Follow The Law”


The Christian community has split on the morality of homosexuality since the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriages. While one denomination recently held a service in Washington’s National Cathedral celebrating the decision, others have felt the need to request some protection of their religious freedom and have refused to perform same-sex ceremonies. But what side the Catholic Church falls on the issue is still not exactly clear. Especially after a recent comment by one of its eminent Cardinals.

Washington Top News reports that Cardinal Wuerl recently stated that same-sex is the law of the land and that the church follows the law:


“WASHINGTON — The District’s top Catholic leader has weighed in on the Supreme Court’s decision to legalize same-sex marriage.

The law of the land is the law of the land,” says Archbishop of Washington Cardinal Donald Wuerl. “We certainly follow what the law says. That doesn’t mean we change the word of God. That doesn’t mean we change the scriptures, or the church’s millennia-long tradition of what marriage is.”

Everyone is welcome to the faith, Wuerl says: “Nobody is turned away because of their sexual identity, because of their race because of their ethnic background. And are we not all struggling to live the gospel?”

While embracing all who wish to enter the religion is indeed a Christian trait, the call for inclusiveness, which in the end is moral relativism, has been the rallying cry of Progressivism and moral cowards in recent history. Because on one hand Cardinal Wuerl states that the church follows the law. On the other he claims that the law does not change the church’s teachings on what marriage is. What exactly does that mean? Will the church abide by the law and marry same-sex couples while denying that same-sex marriage even exists?! There are more than a few conflicting concepts in the Cardinal’s statement.

While controversy is nothing new to Cardinal Wuerl, considering he recently keynoted an Anti-Free Market/Anti-Libertarianism conference, his recent statement on same-sex marriage does leave one wondering. In the end will he and the church abide by man’s law… or God’s?






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