BREAKING: ISIS Threatens BOMB ATTACKS on 4TH OF JULY – Threatens UK Trains & Govt. Buildings

The Department of Homeland Security warned this week of an increased threat of ISIS-inspired violence over the July 4 weekend.

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) waned that America is dealing with “the highest threat level we have every faced in this country.”

Earlier this week ISIS posted a map of the FBI command centers scattered across the United States.
isis tweet fbi


Now this…
ISIS linked accounts tweeted these threats on America today.

Abu Qaqa tweeted this late Friday afternoon:

It’s 4th of July, try nt 2 die
Maskd men wiv guns, planes fall frm the sky
Cars explodin, time 2 terrorise
Bodies everywhere, eye 4 an eye!

isis threat 4th

Abu Dujana tweeted this threat…


UPDATE: Here’s another warning to Muslims to not ride the trains on July 7th.

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