BREAKING: ISIS Destroys Historic Statues from Ancient City of Palmyra

ISIS released photos today of the destruction of several ancient “statues and contraband” from Palmyra, Syria.
isis contraband

They posted this illustrated report (rough translation):

Expropriation of a group of statues and destroy contraband

Managed thanks to God Almighty Islamic State deployed in the state barriers to adjust person with a group of contraband statues of the city of Palmyra in the state of Homs, then was transferred to the Islamic court in the city of Manbej where ruled that Ptazir getaway and destruction of the statues, and thankfully before and after.

ISIS rebels unloaded these statues from their vehicle and lined them up in the street.
isis hammer 0

Islamic State fighters then began destroying the artifacts with sledge hammers.
isis hammer

The local children were given a front row seat.
isis hammer 2

Isis hammer 3

ISIS ended the event with a public flogging.
isis hammer 4

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