Boehner’s View on Congressional Representatives: Members MUST Remain on the “Reservation”

Guest Post by Mara Zebest

Mark Levin exposes how Boehner views the Congressional representatives elected by the people. Apparently, Boehner feels that the representatives need to remain on the reservation and serve only CHIEF Boehner—rather than represent their constituents.

The below audio also contains a clip from Congressman Walter Jones who supports Mark Meadows’ move to remove Boehner and provides supportive reasons for why it needs to be done. Congressman Jones explains that Boehner uses his position to intimidate and coerce (more on the CNN interview with Jones here). Boehner’s mafia-like tactics are used to gain support for bills that ultimately enable Obama instead of stopping the unconstitutional behavior of this regime. American’s have been demanding that representatives stop Obama. Recall that it was Boehner who took impeachment off the table. Boehner’s lap dogs attempt to make a case for Boehner’s success with the claim that Boehner has passed more bills than any other Congress in history—mostly bills that support Obama’s agenda thus Liberal media is also supportive of Boehner. However, most Americans understand the principles of our constitutional founding, and thus understand that the success of Congress is NOT measured by how many bills Congress can pass… but rather by how many bills they can prevent and block—the slow percolation of legislation. The founders didn’t trust government. They put all their trust in the people… the individual—NOT the collective. Thus the constitution is loaded with restrictive language on government (on what government cannot do)—and mostly Government cannot infringe on the people. Clearly Boehner feels the people do not matter in the process.


The below short audio clip is a MUST HEAR and as always, Levin sums it all up perfectly!

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