‘Blacks Rule’ Painted Next to Burned Mississippi Flag on Disabled Vet’s Driveway

Bob Comans, an 85-year-old disabled Korean War veteran residing in Pascagoula, Mississippi, was targeted by vandals Monday who took down and burned a Mississippi state flag he flies alongside the U.S. flag on his property and left the charred remnants of the flag on his driveway where the vandals spray painted the words, “BLACKS RULE.”

Blacks Rule WLOX
Bob Comans stand in his driveway in Pascagoula, Mississippi, photo via WLOX-TV.

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WLOX-TV reported that the next day, Tuesday, volunteers showed up and scrubbed his driveway clean of the graffiti while two men from a local American Legion chapter brought Comans a new Mississippi state flag.

Comans told WLOX he’ll fly the flags until he dies.

“As for Comans, he refuses to live in fear and will continue proudly displaying what he calls a symbol of heritage.

“I am going to continue to fly my American Flag and Mississippi Flag as long as I live,” Comans said.

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