#BlackLivesMatter Activists OUTRAGED After Contentious Black Woman Is Arrested, Then Commits Suicide (2nd Attempt This Year)

bland protest
Protesters demand “justice” for the death of Sandra Bland. (Yahoo)

Sandra Bland was pulled over in Texas by a white police officer last week. She refused to follow police orders and was arrested.
Dashcam video was released that shows Sandra Bland’s arrest.

Bland later told her family from jail that she was injured during the arrest.
It sure doesn’t look like it from the dashcam.


Race activists say the traffic stop that led to her imprisonment became confrontational because a policeman was angry at Bland, who is African American, smoking a cigarette. But the video tells a different story.

Of course, the race hustlers believe the video was edited.

Bland later committed suicide in her jail cell.
Texas officials later released video taken when Bland died in jail.
Officials say Bland was found hanged in her cell three days after being arrested.

UPDATE: This was Bland’s second suicide attempt this year.
God rest her soul.

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