Bill O’Reilly: Media Is Trying to Destroy Donald Trump. They Use Their Agenda in Corrupt Ways (VIDEO)

oreilly trump media

Bill O’Reilly defended Donald Trump today during his Factor Tip of the Day segment and warned viewers about mainstream media corruption.

The media despises Donald Trump and here’s why. He has no fear. He could not care less about censoring himself and the press does not intimidate him. So because of that approach the media believe they must punish Trump for being disrespectful and not cowering before them. Plus, they don’t like his politics, generally speaking. The press is a very powerful force in America given special privilege by the Founding Fathers. And, if the press deems someone unworthy they will try to destroy that person. That’s where Donald Trump finds himself today.

Factor tip of the day: Unfortunately the American media, although there are exceptions, are not looking out for you. They have an agenda, these people. And they often use that agenda in corrupt ways. You as a media consumer should walk away when you see that happen.

Via The O’Reilly Factor:

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