Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Wants Big Money Out of Politics But Gives Tons of Cash to Democrats

File this story under H for hypocritical hippies.

Ben Cohen is the “Ben” of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream and anyone who has ever browsed the dairy aisle of their local supermarket knows it’s one of the most expensive brands you can buy.

Cohen attended a left-wing political event in upstate New York last weekend and claimed he wants big money out of politics. The Ithaca Voice reported:

Ben & Jerry’s founder criticizes money in politics at GrassRoots 2015

A co-founder of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream attended the 2015 GrassRoots Festival of Music and Dance this weekend to promote the Stamp Stampede, a campaign aimed at reducing the influence large corporations have on politicians and elections.

“It’s about the power of numbers of people over huge amounts of money,” said Ben Cohen.

“Whatever you may care about … the reason why things are screwed up is because politicians are being paid large sums of money to pass laws that benefit those who already have so much at the expense of everyone else.”

Cohen said his group is a part of a much larger effort with one primary goal: pass an amendment to say that corporations are not people and that money is not speech.

Ben and Jerry’s even has a campaign called “Get the Dough out of Politics”

Yet according to public records obtained by IJ Review last year, Ben Cohen has made plenty of political donations and all of his money goes to Democrats:

Democrat Cash Cows Ben & Jerry Push to Silence Corporate Money

A longtime supporter of Democratic candidates and progressive politics, Cohen does not get to the important point and never addresses the fundamental question: why is money in politics in the first place? It would not be cynical to suggest that it is merely conservative-supporting dollars that he actually wants to be omitted from the political process.

Now here’s for the double-scoop of hypocrisy: Both Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield are active political campaign donors. Can you guess which political party they support?

These are just Ben’s political donations from last year. Jerry gave plenty of money to Democrats too.

Ben Cohen political donations

Ben and Jerry are now actively campaigning for socialist Bernie Sanders.

They also give money to Planned Parenthood.

Progressives: It’s OK when WE do it.

(Image: Source)

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