Barbaric! Four Yr-Old Yazidi Boy Taught Koran and Given Sword to Behead His Own Mother

A four year-old Yazidi boy was taught to use weapons and was given a sword to behead his own mother.
bohar yazidi
Free: Bohar and her youngest son Hamo are now safe in a refugee camp in Iraq after escaping from ISIS clutches. (Daily Mail)

The Yazidi woman said her son was taught the Koran, how to speak Arabic and how to use a sword.

The Daily Mail reported:


A Yazidi mother has told how her four-year-old son was taken from her to join an ISIS terror training camp where he was forced to learn passages from the Koran, Sharia Law and even given a sword and taught how to behead his own mother.

Bohar – not her real name – could do little but watch as her young son was handed a sword by their captors, who told him ‘this is to kill your mother’.

Later, he revealed they were training him to chop people’s heads off, shoot guns and hate his own people, at an age when most children around the world are just learning to read.

Her son was never forced to carry out the perverted act – but his mother is adamant if her son had stayed he would have been forced to kill for ISIS.

In an exclusive interview, Bohar, 35, told MailOnline: ‘ISIS trained my son to learn the Koran, how to speak Arabic, how to pray and how to use a sword.’

Speaking from a refugee camp in Dohuk, northern Iraq, Bohar said: ‘They told him that Yazidis are Kafir, Arabic for ‘non-believers’ and told him he had to fight them.

‘This one time the ISIS man gave him a sword and said this is to kill your mother.’

Bohar, her son Hamo, not his real name, and her three other children were captured by ISIS last August, just south-east of Sinjar Mountain.

But it was only his mother and not a lion so there will be no media uproar.

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