Anti-Capitalist Activist Invited To Vatican Wrote: “The Pope Is On Our Side”

NCAnti-Capitalist Activist Naomi Klein (Image The Washington Times)

If the fact that Cardinal Wuerl recently keynoted an Anti-Free Market / Anti-Libertarian Conference left you wondering if the Catholic Church was truly against Capitalism, the Vatican”s latest official invitation should remove all doubt.

Anti-Capitalist activist Naomi Klein was officially invited to the Vatican to attend a conference on Climate Change. But days before the AP broke the story, Naomi Klein wrote an article titled: “The Pope is on Our Side…But This July We Must Mobilize“. In the article she praised the Pope and mentioned that the Pope’s radical agenda echoed her radical, Progressive, Climate agenda:


But there is no denying it: Pope Francis  rocked the world last week by connecting the need for a fair economy with the need to to take bold action on climate. He has said clearly that we cannot separate these goals — there can be no serious climate action without confronting the logic of unchecked greed and the culture of limitless consumption.

We don’t have to agree with the Catholic Church on everything – I certainly don’t – to celebrate the fact that the Pope has just echoed the central call of the global climate justice movement.

That’s why I am going to the Vatican on July 1st to participate in events surrounding the encyclical.”

So if it wasn’t obvious to you before, it should be obvious to even a blind man now. Unlike Christ, the Catholic Church now subscribes to the Marxist belief of Collective Salvation. Where wealth is stolen and redistributed; all in the name of the poor and the planet.

But one question remains.

If the Pope is on the side of Marxists, then who is on ours?

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