Ann Coulter: GOP Candidates “A Bunch of P*ssies” – Romney Should Attack Jeb Bush Not Trump

On FOX and Friends Weekend best-selling author >Ann Coulter said Americans should be more afraid of the millions of illegal aliens flooding into the country and less afraid of sharks.

Today Ann Coulter called the Republican candidates “a bunch of p*ssies.” She also told the Mike Church Radio Show that Mitt Romney should be attacking Jeb Bush not Donald Trump. reported:

Appearing on Sirius XM Patriot’s The Mike Church Show while this reporter guest hosted on Monday morning, Coulter called all the establishment Republicans in the 2016 field a “bunch of pussies.”

“Walker and Cruz are the only ones who are not ridiculous and utter cowards,” Coulter said.

It’s more than—it’s not that I need someone who is so brave or so smart. At some point, I’ll take any Republican presidential candidate who can do math. If hispanics are voting against you 40-60—and that was the big success of the Bush administration, let’s keep that in mind, that was our high-water mark with the Hispanics—and that’s with George Bush spending four years constantly hispandering from the White House having weekly radio addresses in Spanish, a Spanish language webpage and he was campaigning with that half-Mexican nephew of his as if he was a running mate—and the half-Mexican nephew gave a prime time speech at the Republican National Convention that was partly in Spanish while Bush was pushing amnesty, — and all he ends up with is 40 percent of the vote? Republicans, can you do math? If any group is not voting for you by at least 51 percent, you’re losing. You’re losing. So yeah it’s looking pretty bad. As you know from the last chapter of my book my longstanding hope for 2016 was a Romney-Walker ticket.

After again noting that, as a presidential nominee Romney had a “primo record” on immigration Coulter criticized Romney for attacking 2016 GOP candidate and real estate mogul Trump. She also questioned why Romney hasn’t uttered a peep about former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush’s statement that illegal immigrants to the United States are engaging in an “act of love.”

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