Ann Coulter: Donald Trump Has Better Chance of Defeating Hillary Than Jeb or Rubio (VIDEO)

Ann Coulter went on with Sean Hannity to discuss Donald Trump’s comments on John McCain’s military service.
ann coulter

Coulter slammed the Republican “midgets” who keep bashing Donald Trump.

Look the country is boiling with rage over immigration and everyone, the elites are trying to destroy Trump because he’s injected it into the campaign now… I think the issue that has been at the very heart of his campaign is immigration and the rest of these Republican midgets jumping on this one flip remark when they have said things far worse. Perry talking about how he can’t build a fence because I’ll show you a ladder. That’s his approach to a serious issue? The new litmus test for real conservatives is immigration… I promise you Jeb or Rubio are going to lead to a Hillary presidency or Rick Perry.

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