Anjem Choudary: #ISIS Will Destroy Sphinx and Pyramids in Egypt


Radical British Islamist Anjem Choudary promised when ISIS takes control of Egypt the Sphinx and Pyramids will be destroyed.
News.AU reported:

ISLAMIC State has launched a bold new attack — this time in Sinai against Egypt. Are the Pryamids and Great Sphinx — along with countless other treasures — next on their hit list?

“When Egypt comes under the auspices of the Khalifa (Caliphate), there will be no more Pyramids, no more Sphinx, no more idolatry. This will be just”.

These are the chilling words recently spoken to presenter Dan Cruickshank by British Muslim activist Anjem Choudary.

Just days after his show, Civilisation Under Attack, went to air in the UK, Islamic State has taken steps to turn them into reality.

Egyptian warplanes are launching air strikes and troops going house-to-house in the troubled Sinai Peninsula as the jihadist militants conduct an unprecedented, coordinated attack.

It’s just the latest action in a chain of events that threatens to topple the cradle of civilisation into internal chaos on a scale similar to that of Syria and Iraq.

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