AMERICA! Volunteers Line Up to Enlist as Chattanooga Recruiting Center Re-Opens (Video)

Several brave, patriotic Americans lined up outside a Chattanooga, Tennessee recruiting center on Tuesday as it re-opened following last week’s deadly Islamist terrorist attack.

Chattanooga Recruiting Memorial WCRB
Patriotic display in Chattanooga following terror attack last week. Image via WRCB-TV.

Five servicemen were killed when a lone Muslim gunman opened fire. One serviceman and one police man were wounded.


The attacker, Mohammad Youssef Abdulazeez, first fired on the recruiting center without hitting anyone. A few minutes later he attacked a Navy and Marine Corps office with deadly results.

WRCB-TV reported on the re-opening of the recruiting center.

β€œβ€I’m re-enlisting back into the military. I was in the Army National Guard,” says David Hallman. β€œI joined at 17. And I got out when my daughter was being born. And so I’ve gotten all my paperwork together now that they are starting to re-enlist prior service and I’m going back into the military.”

β€œHe says he did not think twice about his decision.

β€œβ€We’ve all lost brothers, no matter what branch of service they were in. We’re all fighting for the same cause and so I mean there is a lot of sadness in it but I’m excited because now I have everything that I need to be able to go back into the military and be able to go back to serving my country,” says Hallman.” | Chattanooga News, Weather

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