Aisle or Window?… Russell Brand Says He’ll Move to Syria If Someone Buys Him First Class Ticket

Last Friday an ISIS linked Islamist murdered 38 Westerners at a Tunisian resort.
tunisia killer
23 year-old ‘soldier of the caliphate Abu Yahya al-Qayrawani’ was behind the beach massacre.

Video captured the ISIS killer walking on the beach after his killing spree.

The Islamist killer paused to take photos during his killing spree. He then knelt down and prayed after he murdered 38 innocents on a beach.


In response to the bloody massacre Russell Brand blamed Great Britain.

Now this…
Far left douche Russell Brand said he will move to Syria if someone buys him a first class ticket.
Aisle or window?
The Daily Mail reported:
Controversial comedian Russell Brand has said he has a ‘good mind’ to go to Syria – but only if he can fly first class.

The self-styled revolutionary, 40, made the comment in a string of sick jokes about the Tunisian beach massacre – hours after denouncing yesterday’s minute’s silence as ‘total bulls***’.

He sparked outrage earlier in the week by blaming Seifeddine Rezgui’s murderous rampage on the UK Government and dismissing the tribute to the 38 victims as an ’empty, hollow gesture’.

And he decided to open his new standup show on Thursday by reading out a news story about his seven-minute YouTube, telling his 100-strong audience he was trying to be deliberately provocative.

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