‘What Difference Does It Make?’… Hillary Travels to Texas for Elitist Fundraiser – Protest Breaks Out

Hillary Clinton traveled to Texas for a big donor fundraiser on Wednesday night.
A protest broke out…
hillary texas
Best Sign: “I did not have textual relations with that server”

hillary texas protest
What difference does it make?

Protesters lined the street in Texas to welcome embattled former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the Lone Star State.
The Daily Mail reported:


They came in Bentleys, BMWs, Maseratis and Porsches. A handful drove Mercedes-Benzes and Lexuses. At least two luxury Tesla eco-cars made the trip.

Valet attendants parked the cars of the deep-pocketed Democrats for $10 per hour and raced around the neighborhood two hours later as a line of millionaires formed.

The guest of honor, Hillary Clinton, arrived in a black Cadillac for her $2,700-per-plate presidential fundraiser.

As the former secretary of state’s Secret Service escort pulled into the driveway of a $11.4 million home near Dallas on Wednesday night, a group of Republican activists were waiting.

When a nondescript Texan, a 20-something man in a silver pickup truck, drove by and yelled ‘F*** Hillary!,’ a small cheer went up.

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