US-Trained Tajikistan Commander Who Defected to ISIS: “You American Pigs! We Will Come to Your Cities & Kill You”

Tajikistan special forces commander Gulmurod Khalimov trained in the United States. He was an ally of the President of Tajikistan. Now he’s fighting for ISIS. And, he promised to bring jihad to America.

tajik isis rebel
Gulmurod Khalimov with the President of Tajikistan (on left) and Gulmurod Khalimov in the Islamic State (on right)

Gulmurod Khalimov was commander of Tajikistan’s Special Forces.
In a recent video Khalimov promised to come to the US and slaughter American pigs!


Here is the transcript, via MEMRI:

Gulmurod Khalimov: In 2003, after [training in Moscow], I went to Baton Rouge in Louisiana, to undergo training with the U.S. Special Forces. In 2008, I also underwent special training in Baton Rouge. From 2003 to 2008, I underwent special training in America, in a military base of Blackwater.


Listen, you Americans, you pigs, I went to America three times, and I have seen how you train fighters to kill Muslims. I have seen how you build and occupy cities of the Muslims. I have seen how you train fighters to destroy Islam and the Muslims. Allah willing, with this weapon, I will come to your cities, your homes, and we will kill you.

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