Two Dead, 50 Wounded After Bosnian Rams Car Through Crowd of Shoppers in Austria (Video)

An Austrian man of Bosnian descent rammed his car through a crowd of lunchtime shoppers in Graz, Austria on Saturday.
graz attack

The man then jumped from his car and started stabbing people.

Sydney Morning Herald reported:


A man killed at least three people and injured 34 in a murderous rampage on Saturday after driving his car at 140km/h straight into crowds of lunchtime shoppers in Austria before getting out and stabbing passers-by.

In an attack that lasted just five minutes, a 26-year-old man, described as a “deranged lone assassin”, sped through the main shopping street in the country’s second biggest city of Graz at 12.30pm, local time.

The attacker, who is an Austrian of Bosnian descent, then ploughed across the busy square, which was hosting an event relating to the Austrian formula one Grand Prix, which is being held nearby, ramming into an outdoor dining table full of people.

The impact sent people crashing into the windscreen and flying over the car. A four-year-old boy, a man and a female cyclist, both in their 20s, were killed.

Three children are among the injured, with six people seriously wounded and one in a critical condition.

The driver then reportedly jumped out of his SUV and started randomly stabbing bystanders with a knife, including policemen and some elderly onlookers, before he was overwhelmed and arrested without a struggle.

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