SURPRISE! Bloomberg Dark Money Pours Into Oregon Recall Opposition

michael-bloombergAs four Oregon state legislators face recall petitions, a new shadow organization has emerged defending the embattled senators and representatives. They are paying for websites in support of the politicians and publishing door drop flyers which are being handed out in the districts.

Stop Reckless Recalls seems to be one of the many names they are using. They have the website , which happens to list the same Portland area number as the mysterious parked site , (503) 867-8953. The Oregonians For Background Checks site is paid for by Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund, whereas the Stop Reckless Recalls site is paid for by something called “Oregon Democracy Fund”.

The Oregon Democracy Fund is registered in Oregon by a lawfirm that acts as agents for corporations, and the mailing address for the fund is listed as PO Box 4184 in New York, 10163. A quick Google search of that address reveals that it is used by several Everytown lobbyists and PAC arms in several states across the nation. The “Articles Of Incorporation” list a Janice Ryan as the Incorporator at the address 575 7th Street NW in Washington DC. That address is a building that houses several operations, including the Crime Museum (how fitting!), and a law firm called Venable, where Ms. Ryan works. The phone number listed is (202) 344-4093.


State Senators Floyd Prozanski and Chuck Riley, as well as state Representatives Val Hoyle and Susan McLain are facing recalls. The recalls are organized by gun rights advocates, as each of the 4 voted in favor of new gun restrictions, but there are several other issues that voters are not too pleased with, such as tax hikes, the “clean fuels” program, Riley defending the Supreme Court upholding slavery and voting against gain share for his district, and Prozanski promoting legislation that would let criminals out of jail early.

But the question remains; Why go through the trouble of creating two new monikers? Why not just list it all as “Paid For By Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund”? Why would they want to hide their names and associations?


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