Stunner. Tourist Attractions Struggle After #BlackLivesMatter Protesters Loot & Riot in Baltimore

What a shock- Tourists stay away from Baltimore after mob actions.
baltimore police car
Protesters attack a police car in Baltimore during the rioting in May.

“Black Lives Matter” protesters did a number on the city of Baltimore in May:
** At least 61 buildings were torched.
** Over 144 vehicles were torched.
** 350 businesses were damaged
** And 113 police officers were injured.

Since the mob action Baltimore tourist attractions have seen their attendance numbers plummet.
The Baltimore Sun reported:


the disquieting period during and after the Baltimore riots, attendance at the Maryland Zoo plunged 59 percent. The zoo sent out a fundraising letter Friday depicting a single, lonely penguin: “We need you more than ever!”

At the Maryland Science Center, “on our first weekend back in business, our attendance was probably off by 70 percent or more,” said Chris Cropper, senior director of marketing.

The yellow school buses that ordinarily idle outside the Walters Art Museum disappeared as field trips were canceled, contributing to a 7 percent drop in visitors last month compared to May 2014.

Revenue at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore dipped 4.4 percent from April to May, after tumbling 7.3 percent the month before.

The city’s attractions have struggled in the aftermath of the riots that erupted April 27, the day of the funeral of Freddie Gray.

The institutions say visitors are gradually returning. But many attractions are trying to regain momentum after images of fires, looting and confrontations between rock-throwing rioters and police were broadcast around the world.

Baltimore businesses were also devastated by the rioting and are seeking support to remain open.

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