South Carolina Democrat: Dylann Roof Watched FOX News – Where They Talk About ‘Black Men Raping White Women’ (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. J.Todd Rutherford blamed the massacre of nine people in a Charleston church last night on FOX News.

dylann storm roof arrest
It’s FOX’s fault.

What a doushe nozzle.
South Carolina State Rep. J. T. Rutherford blamed FOX News for spreading hate and endorsing the rape of black women. Bill O’Reilly let this clown speak.

Rep. Rutherford: It is disturbing to most African Americans to watch as FOX News continues to cover stories as to whether the president is truly the president or whether he was born in this country.

Bill O’Reilly: I don’t know anyone on this network who does that. No one.

Rutherford: After six years it has finally stopped.

O’Reilly: In your opinion that’s happening but I don’t believe that’s reality. You’ll have to show me that where it is. Now you say that this Root kid watches FOX new. Do you know that he watches FOX News?

Rutherford: No what I said is he watches things like FOX News. So again, the rhetoric he spoke in the church when he was talking about black men raping white women, about black people raping white women, again, about black people raping white women. He didn’t just make it up. He didn’t just generate that from the sky.

O’Reilly: You think that FOX News justifies brutal crimes against black Americans. Is that what you’re going to do?

Rutherford: That’s you saying that. You again are inflaming the rhetoric. That is exactly what I’m talking about.

J. Todd is obviously trying to set himself up as a future leader in the Democratic party.

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