SLU Appeases Race Mob: Removes Founder’s Statue – Hires Racist Cracker-Basher

St. Louis University removed a statue of famous Jesuit Missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet S.J. praying over two American Indians.

Father De Smet, the Indian missionary of international fame, was a founder of the university.

School leaders believe the statue is offensive.
Jesuit Missionary Pierre-Jean De Smet slu


Father Pierre-Jean De Smet was an active in missionary work among the Native Americans of the Midwestern United States and Western United States in the mid-19th century. De Smet spent his lifetime advocating for and bringing Christ to Native Americans.

SLU removed his statue in May.
statue removed

It is part of the university’s plan to appease the perpetually aggrieved.

This week Saint Louis University hired a cracker-basher as their new Diversity leader.

The university released a statement today.

Office of the President Fri, Jun 19, 2015 at 3:01 PM

Dear Faculty, Staff and Students,

In the year since I arrived at Saint Louis University, the Oath of Inclusion and the promise to live our Jesuit values have gained renewed prestige here at SLU. Discussions with faculty, staff and students have helped shape critical decisions, from the budget to our strategic direction. In short, we are building greater collaboration and enjoying shared success, while advancing educational excellence in the Jesuit tradition.

But as the teach-ins and protests of last October reminded us, there are deep wounds that must be actively addressed. And SLU has committed to playing a role. That means harnessing the incredible creative and intellectual energy that we can bring to bear to mitigate these social ills. And it means helping ensure access to and success in higher education for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

One priority I set early in my presidency was to appoint a Special Assistant to the President for Diversity and Community Engagement. After a rigorous search, I am pleased to name an innovative problem-solver and motivating leader to this new position effective July 1: Dr. Jonathan C. Smith.

As Assistant Professor and Community Liaison in the African American Studies Program, Jonathan has been a distinguished faculty member at SLU since 2002. He has strong institutional knowledge and keen insight on the issues of diversity and inclusion both inside and outside of the University. Jonathan is committed to the University’s mission and has been involved in supporting social justice initiatives. This includes co-convening the Strategic Plan Topical Working Group on Social Justice and Responsibility, serving on the advisory board of Micah House and working periodically with the Access and Success Group that is tasked with completing the 13 initiatives outlined in the Clock Tower Accords.

Jonathan discussed with me a compelling vision for both short-term and long-term plans to enhance inclusion on campus and ensure that all faculty, staff and students feel they are fully a part of the University community. He will extend that commitment to the external community as well, so that SLU can become even more engaged with the underserved.

I wish to thank members of the search committee, led by Richard Buhler, S.J., SLU Trustee and Rector of the Jesuit Hall Community, who worked diligently to identify a strong group of finalists for this position. In addition to Father Buhler, the search committee included:

Teri Murray, Dean, School of Nursing;
Kent Porterfield, Vice President, Student Development;
Mikaela Romo, SGA Vice President, Diversity and Social Justice;
Brittany Kendrick, Senior, Parks College, and Black Student Alliance member;
Nebu Kolenchery, Senior, College for Public Health and Social Justice;
Michael Railey, Assistant Dean for Minority Affairs, School of Medicine;
Ness Sandoval, Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology;
Darcy Scharff, Associate Dean, College for Public Health and Social Justice; and
Regina Walton, Administrative Assistant, Alumni Relations.
Among the Special Assistant’s priorities will be to provide leadership on the remaining items of the Clock Tower Accords; offer support to the President’s Diversity Council; reach out across campus to define University diversity goals; and develop strategies and assessment plans that are specific to diversity and inclusion.

I am confident that Jonathan will work with stakeholders across the University and in the community to lead these important efforts. I know you join me in congratulating Jonathan on his new position and will assist him in advancing our commitment to diversity and inclusion — and social justice.


Fred P. Pestello, Ph.D.

Dr. Jonathan C. Smith sat on a panel bashing male white privilege.

Smith also participated in a Michael Brown die-in in December after a local grand jury exonerated Officer Darren Wilson.

Dr. Smith ought to be a perfect fit at SLU.
And your tuition dollars will pay his salary.

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