Rush Limbaugh: The American Left Sees Conservatives as More of an Enemy Than ISIS

isis string bombs
Yesterday ISIS released video of their latest execution techniques. In one scene the Islamic State strapped a string of bombs around the necks of a line of prisoners – then blew them up.

Today Rush Limbaugh explained how the left sees conservatives as more of a threat than the Islamic State.
From the Rush Limbaugh Show:

RUSH: Now, isn’t it interesting, however, what is the one thing, when you read about ISIS in news coverage in this country, ISIS can run around — the latest news of ISIS is the methods they’re now using to kill people, mass murders.

For example, the latest is they put their prisoners in a cage, they lower the cage into a swimming pool long enough for the prisoners to drown. Videotape is rolling, well, cameras are rolling. They also now have cameras in the swimming pool that record the actual moments of death due to drowning, and they release that, along with the video of the prisoners being lowered into the pool. Another one is to jam pack some little car with a bunch of prisoners and blow it up with a rocket-propelled grenade.

So the media will report on that, and they’ll report on it as they do. But you let ISIS walk into a museum and start destroying artifacts, and that becomes unacceptable. Have you noticed that? The media gets outraged when ISIS starts destroying things in museums. That’s taking it too far. That’s going farther than we can say. We can’t look the other way when you guys do that. It’s amazing. And yet the same thing happens here. Artifacts from our history destroyed, shut down. There is applause all around.

I’m telling you, folks, do not doubt me on this. As far as the Democrat Party and the way it’s constituted today, they do consider American conservatives and Republicans to be their greatest clear and present danger. Not ISIS. Not any other group or individual criminals, but conservatives. And the reason is simple. We conservatives and Republicans represent an ongoing threat to their power.

They don’t think ISIS represents that. They don’t think Al-Qaeda threatens their power. I mean, Al-Qaeda’s never gonna vote them out of office. ISIS isn’t gonna vote them out of office, and they don’t think Al-Qaeda’s gonna come here and kill them out of office. They don’t think ISIS is gonna do either. But conservatives and Republicans and the Tea Party could vote them out of office. That’s what makes us the biggest threat, and that’s why they treat us accordingly.

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