REPORT: Rachel Dolezal Blackballed Other Prog Activists From Speaking at Events Because They Were White

rachel dolezal

Phony black activist Rachel Dolezal blackballed other progressive activists from speaking about racism on campus because they were white.
The Daily Caller reported:

Anti-racism activist Tim Wise revealed that secretly-white NAACP chapter head Rachel Dolezal tried to stop him from speaking at a college because she felt Caucasians shouldn’t talk about racism.

“She was trying to keep me from coming to speak at Eastern Washington University, where she was a part-time professor, because in her estimation white folks can’t speak with any legitimacy to issues of racism,” Wise said in an interview with SiriusXM Radio host Mark Thompson. “Let the irony marinate there for a minute.”What do you think?

Dolezal, head of the Spokane NAACP, was recently outed by her parents as a white person who supposedly identifies as a black person.

“Her reason — this is what I was told by colleagues of her, people of color who brought me to the campus — that she had said, “No, no, no. He has no business being here talking about issues that are specific to black people because he is white,” Wise said.

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