Rape Hoax Mag Blames ALL CONSERVATIVES for Charleston Church Shooting

Rolling Stone, the far left magazine that published the infamous University of Virginia rape hoax story, blamed all conservatives for the Charleston church shooting by a deranged young drug addict.

rolling stone rape hoax
The Rolling Stone is currently being sued by a University of Virginia fraternity for its “reckless” reporting on a campus rape hoax.

Now the far left mag is blaming conservatives for the Charleston church shooting.
The Rolling Stone reported:


In the biggest surprise of recent memory, the young man arrested for massacring nine black people in the historic Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church was a person with “strong conservative beliefs,” a commitment to his heritage and tradition who only tried to take his country back. Dylann Roof, a 21-year-old bowl-cut whelp, has been captured, and with 50 percent of major American political parties telling people like him to fetishize arms and rebellion just as the truth of their America is absolute and under attack, it’s amazing that we don’t meet a new version of him every week.

Mercifully, even some mainstream outlets seem willing to use the term “domestic terrorist.” Five years ago we might not have been so lucky. Back then, Newsweek absurdly convened an in-house discussion to decide who is a “terrorist” and emerged with “people in caves,” while whites were accorded terms like “separatist.” This, despite the fact that the event that inspired the discussion was a white man flying a plane into a building he hated, which you’d think would be a slam-dunk post-9/11 definition of the term.

No, this time, we can know it was race terrorism. The act echoes America’s greatest historical terror organization, the KKK, which murdered blacks who sought to change the existing white order. It echoes whites burning the AME Church to punish blacks for plotting against the existing white order. It echoes white revanchists burning and bombing churches in the Civil Rights era. It echoes an act of terror committed by a white supremacist against a minority church just three years ago…

… But whatever you do, do not profane this moment by politicizing it. Do not ask about the politics of Fox News and Republican leaders celebrating an armed, avowed criminal like Cliven Bundy because he spouted neoconfederate language while painting himself as a victim in an America where blacks were worse off than when they were slaves. Do not ask why you can find pictures of Ron Paul shaking hands with the founder of America’s biggest white supremacy website and why he made millions off spectacularly racist newsletters. Do not ask whether his son’s opposition to the Civil Rights Act might have more to do with whatever thought process leads him to keep employing white supremacists as staffers. Do not ask why the former governor of Texas used to hang out at Niggerhead Ranch and winkingly campaigns on his support for Tentherism. Speaking of which, do not ask why that constitutional interpretation has led multiple conservative state legislatures to pass nullification acts of gun control just as conservative attorneys general invoked nullification to undermine an Affordable Care Act that the Tea Party demonized as an imperial handout to shiftless minorities. Do not ask why Newt Gingrich’s biggest applause line of the 2012 campaign outside of “Obama is a food stamp president” was berating black debate moderator Juan Williams in South Carolina (for whom “work…seemed to be a strange, distant concept”), while the biggest Kinsley gaffe of 2012 was Rick Santorum saying, “I don’t want to make black people’s lives better by giving them somebody else’s money.” Do not ask why, in the first year of Obama’s presidency, when everyone was still paying Bush administration tax rates, it was important to take to the streets with AR-15s to stop someone from Kenya from stealing white people’s country. Do not ask why the most conservative Supreme Court in generations preposterously declared racism over and rolled back the Voting Rights Act or why conservative state houses immediately began enacting voting restrictions targeted at blacks. Absolutely do not ask why right-wing hacks and politicians scream bloody murder when the Department of Homeland Security reports on right-wing, racist domestic terror and ignores when law enforcement cites right-wing extremism as our main terror threat. All of that happens in a vacuum, and no one could possibly learn from that.

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