Rachel Dolezal’s Parents: Howard University Was SHOCKED They Gave Full Ride to WHITE WOMAN (VIDEO)

Rachel Dolezal spoke to Matt Lauer on The Today Show on Tuesday to discuss her trans-black life experiences.

During the interview Dolezal said she has identified as being black since she was five.
She also disowned her real father.

Later this morning Rachel’s parents responded to her remarks on America’s Newsroom.


Lawrence and Ruthanne Dolezal also said Howard University was SHOCKED when school officials found out they gave a full ride to a white girl.

She applied to Harvard University. When she went to Belhaven (her undergraduate) her art shifted almost entirely to African-American portraiture. So when she sent her portfolio and application to Howard there was no request to identify ethnicity. They called her. She’s been in Jackson, Mississippi for four years… So, they give her a full-ride scholarship. They see her art portfolio was all African-American. And, then she shows up two weeks before, and as I recall, this being reported back to us at that time was when she walked in to finalize her registration a week or two before classes started eyes were popping, jaws were dropping because they couldn’t believe they gave a full ride scholarship to a white woman.

That reverse racism is a bitch, ain’t it?
Rachel Dolezal attended Howard to earn her Master’s degree.

This trans-black story gets more delicious by the day.

Via America’s Newsroom:

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